Tuesday, October 8, 2013


You want the prettiest girl in school to be your best friend ? What about the girl who's been there with you through thick and thin, the one who's willing to sacrifice her time to accompany you, the one who cares and would ask you everyday if you're okay because she wants to make sure you're alright? Yes, she might the biggest dork you know besides yourself and she's got a wicked fashion sense but she's willing to stay by your side because deep down , she loves you like how she'd love her sister. But no, you won't look at her.Because you think she's boring and lame and you think her jokes are not appealing. You don't like her because with her around, boys won't look at you.You think you're too good for her.But really, you're not. Not even close

And you want the most popular dude in school to be your best buddy? What bout that guy whom you've been friends with since kindergarten? The one who's been there with you when you shit your pants in primary school and the one who's stayed with you all night long just to make sure you studied for your test ? The one who's help you face your puberty years, your sex-talk partner, the one guy whom you'd consult when you had issues going on with your personal life, and the dude whom you'd exchange stories with bout girls you like. What bout him ? Sure, he's not the biggest hunk in school, and he doesn't have a girlfriend just like you but he's willing, and HE MEANS IT to make sacrifices for you at any point because you're not just his friend, no you're not. You're his brother.

sometimes we get so carried away with this whole shit about being popular and famous and wanting to get laid and having the most good-looking people around us but we fail to realize how much of a blessing our true friends have been to us. 

food for thought, maybe ?

"Don't expect your friend to be a perfect person. But help your friend to be a perfect person"

- Mother Theresa 

Take care.

P.s : And to all my friends out there, I love you guys, You guys are amazing. You know who you are.And I'm sorry for any kind of shit I've put you guys through. God bless!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

City Skylines ; Oh Yeah

So, I've always had this thing for city skylines. I somehow find them very fascinating, and believe me, I can spend all day browsing through pictures of beautiful, amazing, GORGEOUS city skylines!

So, here are a few pictures I got from the Internet, some of which are PRETTY AMAZING snaps of some of the best skylines in the world!

feast your eyes!

New York City , USA

Bangkok, Thailand

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

London, England, UK

New York City , USA.

Penang, Malaysia.

Sydney , Australia.

Tehran, Iran.

Take care!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dublin Literary Award For Young Malaysians 2012 - Becareful What You Wish For

So this is one of the stories I wrote last year for IDLA 2012 so just thought I'd share it on my blog now. Anyone's who reading this, your feedback is much appreciated ! :)

Be Careful What You Wish For

“Can I sit here?’ a familiar voice asked. I looked up, only to find Edna Yuan, the girl I hated the most, smirking at me with the creepiest smile. “Actually I don’t even need your permission!” she suddenly said and quickly hurled her bag onto the seat next to me. “Mind it Edna!” I retorted, already annoyed with her horrid personality of bossing people around, always thinking that she’s the best. Edna was the school’s top runner and has been to nationals five times since 2007. Sadly, her attitude was never as excellent as her achievements. She had this bossy character everyone despised and has never hung out with the minorities in school, not even the national math champion. But somehow she loves clinging on to me, not because she liked me but because her main objective in life besides being an Olympian some day was to make mine a living hell.
We quarreled almost every day, and probably almost all the time. She was a frustrating person to deal with and to have her blabber to me about stuff I couldn't even be bothered about every single moment, it just gives me this pumped up idea to stuff her mouth full with cotton and tape it so hard, she’ll never talk to me again. But I was a sensible person and doing that would not solve the crap I was in with her. So, there goes another brilliant idea of mine down the drain.

But the patience I had did not last long. It was probably the dumbest thing I have ever resorted to and I still regret it until today. Like usual, Edna was busy trying to infuriate me with her irrational stories about why I would never make it through college. My heart boiling, I decided to walk away, ignoring the things she said and not let them burn me inside. But Edna trailed behind, yelling funny names at me from afar while giggling at some of it as she increased her pace behind me. And that was when things went wrong. I turned around, with the mere intentions of only shouting at her back but my head did something else. I pushed her and there she went rolling down the stairs. It was unintentional but it was too late. Edna laid there unconscious, her forehead bleeding. I panicked and I didn’t know what to do. For once, all the vindictive wishes I’ve always had about wanting Edna to die started crawling back into my head, and it scared the living hell out of me. I ran down, carried Edna up and quickly called out for help. Fortunately, a few teachers were passing by our area and they panicked at the sight of Edna unconscious and asked how it happened. Standing there at that moment, I knew I could have just lied to them and hoped that Edna had a brain damage so that she won’t bust my covers when she woke up but I knew it was a wrong thing to do if I hadn’t come out clear to them about what really happened. So I did and they nagged me and threatened to expel me and call my parents, but to be honest, at that moment, I wasn’t worried at all. It was Edna I was more concerned about. If anything had happened to her, I would never forgive myself. And that feeling struck me for the first time. You know, caring for Edna hoping that she was alright. And that was when everything changed.

Days passed as I waited patiently in school every day for Edna, hoping that she would forgive me .And it was the last day of the third week when she finally showed up but she was different. “Edna?” I spoke out. “I’m sorry”. She kept silent, her eyes staring out of the window. “It was a joke” she said slowly. “It was a joke, Calvin” she repeated, eyes already tearing. And then, she just broke down, there and then. I got on my knees, trying to make an eye contact with her.” Don’t touch me!” she yelled when I tried holding her hands.”I can’t run anymore” she continued in between sobs. Indeed she was right. With a fractured leg like that, there is no way she would be able to run this year. And not running this year would only mean that she would never make the cut for the national team next year, thus ruining her dreams of becoming a runner in the juniors Olympics in two years time. “I’ll fix this” I whispered, heart filled with ever-growing guilt. “Forgive me please” I pleaded. “I’ll help you through this, and I’ll never leave you alone” I assured her. Edna looked up at me, her eyes seemed so sad. Then gently I hugged her, and I hugged her tight. “It’s a promise” I whispered into her ears.
Edna and I pulled through high school and we both managed to nail the exams with excellent results after many days of studying and revision. One year after that, Edna left Malaysia to pursue a medical degree in Ireland while I did mine in Malaysia. Before she left, she promised that she would come back to see me, and if things worked out, we could work things out between us. But things didn't turn out as expected. We lost contact, and no matter how hard I tried getting in touch with her, I just couldn't get through. And that was when I thought she had lied to me. Feeling dejected, I cursed myself for buying her stories, for letting her to deceive me in such a way that I thought it was all true. Angry and dejected, I wished and kept on wishing that she would never come back because her return after so many years without a single call would only spur my anger and I was afraid of the things that I would say that might hurt her.
But it was nothing like that.
 Edna had passed away. 2 years after she left Malaysia due to leukemia. She didn’t want anybody to know. When I first heard the news after nearly convincing myself she had moved on without me, my soul was basically crushed. I never expected all the stupid wishes that I’ve made about not wanting her to come back would actually come true, this way. And it has never stopped bothering me.
It has been 12 years now since Edna’s departure and no matter how hard I try, moving on from this phase of my life will never be easy. And to be here right now as a successful pediatrician in Sydney, Edna’s definitely the person to thank for. After all, it was her determination that has lifted me up, her words of encouragement that has pushed me ahead and of course it was the love that she had for me that has always kept me going. And though karma is not something I believe in, I've definitely learn to be more careful for what I wish for. Edna’s story was a lesson, and hopefully it would be the only one. Rest in peace, Edna.

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Take care.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crash Diet ? It Ain't Gonna Work, Bro.

Okay, firstly I'd like to address all the girls out there.I just want you to know that you guys are amazing, annoying at times but still amazing. And hopefully will turn out to be awesome mothers one day.

Mother's Day was awesome; at least for once I felt like a useful son.
And I love my mum.VERY MUCH.


                             Once again, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !

So, back to what I was planning to TALK about.
It's this whole thing bout being fat, and huge and elephant-like. Seriously.

It's funny how some girls are willing to, you know, resort to silly alternatives like crash-dieting just to lose a few pounds WITHOUT knowing how damaging it is. I honestly do not know what kind of shit is that, but according to a friend, it's pretty dangerous.
She even listed out the list of health problems it could cause and, well these were SOME of them :

Slowing down of the metabolism

Loss of muscle, leading to further decline of metabolism

Weight gain after the crash diet, sometimes gaining more 

weight than was lost due to slower metabolism

Weakening of the bones potentially leading to osteoporosis

Deprivation of essential nutrients

Weakening of your immune system

Cardiac stress

Heart palpitations

As a future doctor, and a normal human being with a sane mind, I can officially say this is a SUICIDE PLAN. Or so I wish to believe it is.

I mean, why would you want to go through all that just to be thin. You don't even know how ugly you'll look being thin, you know, like all those anorexic models you see online. Seriously, indulging in this kind of shit is really dumb and I wish people , girls especially would try to look at this from a different perspective.

I get it, you don't want to be fat, and assuming every single guy wants their girl to be at the ideal weight , it intimidates you, the fact that guys would never want to date you if you're fat. Well, I think that's bull****.

I'm a guy, and I really do not want to be picturing myself making love to a skeleton look-alike. That'd be so disturbing and dangerous. And what if she snaps a bone and dies? I could be charged for murder :/

But really, it isn't always about looking good. It's more than that. I believe that everybody is special in their own way, and weight or body size for that matter shouldn't define who you are. You're better than that. You're beautiful deep down, and no matter how fat you are, you'll always look good to someone. Well, SOMEONE.

Stop thinking bout how body size's going to determine your future. It's not.
It's how you decide and make your own choices, and accept what life throws at you.
Everyone is special in their own respective ways, and I don't think there's a reason to not be grateful about that.

Love yourself, and be proud. Don't let others bring you down. They're just a bunch of fools trying to make you look bad because for all you might know, they're just jealous of how amazing you are as a person. And how they wished they were in your shoes. Well, you'll never know right?

So, just be you and don't try out stupid ways to look good. Looking at all the consequences , it is seriously not worth it.


Exercising for a healthy life is a totally different thing altogether.

Take care.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Voices of the Under-21

So, it has come into question , 


Okay, that is how it went I guess, or probably something like that.

First things first, yes, we're not eligible to vote, and we definitely do not have any business in the determining the next ruling government. But is that a reason for us not to be heard ? 

I understand that most of us are still immature and in instances like this, we fail to contemplate wisely and make the wrong choices. But well , not every one of us.

I'm not asking to be made a voter at the tender age of 18. Honestly, I do not want to vote yet, and with the kind of dirty filthy election system that we have now, I'm not really sure if I want to. I mean, what difference would it make if my vote was going to be thrown away and replaced with something else that I'd never opt for.

As a Malaysian child, a fresh school leaver and a concern citizen, I know that change is needed. I'm not taking sides here because to be honest, I've lived my entire life under the current government and it was a good life. 

I was given the opportunity to obtain an education, to live a safe and simple life and was never made to beg on the streets, all thanks to the government paychecks my parents have worked hard for.

But I do want a clean country. I want this place, Malaysia to be clean of all corruption, to stand out and let it be known around the world for all the right purposes.

I'm sad that they had resorted to the transportation of hundreds of thousands of foreigners into the country to cast their votes for them. It was not right in any way.
It has denied many the rights as citizens of what is supposed to be a democratic nation and it has established a sense of insecurity in the hearts of many and has somehow turned this country into another hideout for these illegal immigrants to seek refuge.

But lets look at it this way, what if suddenly they decide to turn their backs on all these foreigners? You know, throw a few hundred ringgit at them and tell them to go back. What if that happens ?

Most of them are illiterates, and they do not know what the future holds for them. But for the sake of a few hundred ringgit, they've allowed themselves to be bought and I do not blame them. If I was just as desperate and didn't know what was going on, I would've probably done the same. 

This is a violation of human rights, not at its worse but it's somehow reaching there. And we should not let this happen ever again.

I'm a teenager voicing out for a drastic change. A change that will free our country from every kind of filth there is, a change that will guarantee a brighter future for me and my family.

Well, it's too late now, but we can turn things around by the time the next elections come around. 

Lets clean up our home. We need this place clean, safe and free.

Take care.

" Fair ? Really ? "

So, it's final.

The results are out.

I'm incapable of making that huge change everyone's dreaming of but I do know that I'm capable of at least trying to establish a new sense of freedom in the hearts and souls of our fellow Malaysians.

I do not mean to be disrespectful in any sense but why cheat ?

Why patronize the lives of hundreds of thousands of immigrants just so you could take the lead ?
You fake their identities , promise them good lives and you allow them to believe that whatever their actions are is totally worth the risk.

Why ?

These people do not know what they are doing. They'll fall for money anytime because they're desperate to earn a living ; to feed their families. They have been manipulated , fooled into believing that they will earn what they've been yearning for if they vote for the very party that brought them in.

This isn't right. This is a violation of human rights. And though it seemed like nothing has actually happened, the fact stands that many, and when I say many , I mean A LOT OF THEM have fallen victim to yet another dirty political approach by a party who's probably never going to lose until a clean and fair elections is finally put into practice.

I don't understand.

Why cheat ? As a fresh school-leaver, I've been thought that cheating your way into something will only screw you up at the end.

And the fact that they have their hands on every single kind of media access is depressing but its a shame that no one could change that.

My friends, aunties, uncles, leaders, politicians , whoever , this is not right. You know it .

I'm young and I may be naive but I do know that if this goes on, sooner or later , it will rip us off our fundamental rights as citizens. And this whole democracy thing , it'll go down the drain.

I'm not a fan of politics , as a matter of fact I find it utterly dirty, disruptive and possibly destructive. But I do want a clean and fair government.

Today, that change didn't happen.

I understand the sole purpose of manifesto's and how they're meant to establish the sense of support every political party needs to win. But I also understand how bribery works.

When people are paid to vote, that is not a manifesto being realised.

 That is a single , free-minded person being bought. And it needs to stop.

I've always believed that justice will prevail in the end, and I still do believe at some point it will in this case. We just haven't reached the end yet.

I don't want this to ruin the future of our country. We need to open the eyes of many and bring this matter to light.We need all the support we can get. We need to revolutionize our mindsets and think beyond money and power. We need to step up as Malaysians and let our voices be heard. This time, loud enough to knock some sense into whoever's been poisoning our election system.

This country belongs to us. If we let it get ruined like this, no one's going to save it later.

I'm not fighting for any specific party.

I just want a bright future for Malaysia, a country which I hope to raise my children in and hopefully my children's children. A country which I hope would successfully grow economically and socially and help build the lives of many.
A country that would be free of corruption and prosper for many years to come.

I need this to happen. WE need this to happen.

Please, I have no other places to call home but here.

Take care.