Tuesday, October 8, 2013


You want the prettiest girl in school to be your best friend ? What about the girl who's been there with you through thick and thin, the one who's willing to sacrifice her time to accompany you, the one who cares and would ask you everyday if you're okay because she wants to make sure you're alright? Yes, she might the biggest dork you know besides yourself and she's got a wicked fashion sense but she's willing to stay by your side because deep down , she loves you like how she'd love her sister. But no, you won't look at her.Because you think she's boring and lame and you think her jokes are not appealing. You don't like her because with her around, boys won't look at you.You think you're too good for her.But really, you're not. Not even close

And you want the most popular dude in school to be your best buddy? What bout that guy whom you've been friends with since kindergarten? The one who's been there with you when you shit your pants in primary school and the one who's stayed with you all night long just to make sure you studied for your test ? The one who's help you face your puberty years, your sex-talk partner, the one guy whom you'd consult when you had issues going on with your personal life, and the dude whom you'd exchange stories with bout girls you like. What bout him ? Sure, he's not the biggest hunk in school, and he doesn't have a girlfriend just like you but he's willing, and HE MEANS IT to make sacrifices for you at any point because you're not just his friend, no you're not. You're his brother.

sometimes we get so carried away with this whole shit about being popular and famous and wanting to get laid and having the most good-looking people around us but we fail to realize how much of a blessing our true friends have been to us. 

food for thought, maybe ?

"Don't expect your friend to be a perfect person. But help your friend to be a perfect person"

- Mother Theresa 

Take care.

P.s : And to all my friends out there, I love you guys, You guys are amazing. You know who you are.And I'm sorry for any kind of shit I've put you guys through. God bless!

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